Bronze baby shoes - Bronzed baby shoes make a great memento or bronzed keepsake for both the parent & child. We do baby shoe bronzing and we can mount the shoes in frames. They look great on bookends.

          Baby shoe bronzing, pacifiers, bronze adult shoes, hats, boots, sports items, military itemsMemories in Bronze   

                                   Genuine Baby Shoe Bronzing                                       




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Bronzed Airline Hat

                                        Airline Hat

Bronzed Fireman's Hat on Walnut base

                                              Fireman's Hat

Hard Hat - Bronzed

                                      Hard Hat

Navy Hat - Bronzed and mounted on Black Lacquer Base

                                          Navy Lid

Ranger Hat - Bronzed

                                   Ranger Hat

Cowboy Hat - Stetson Bronzed


Police Trooper's Hat - Bronzed

                                                         Trooper's Hat

                                                                                                                                   Adult Shoes

                                  Ballet Slipper - Adult Shoe, Bronzed and Mounted

                                                  Ballet Slipper

     Pair of Ballet Slippers - Adult Shoes, Bronzed and Mounted

                                     Ballet Slippers

                         Adult Sneaker - Bronzed and Mounted on Black Lacquer base

                                         Adult Sneaker

Adult Shoes - Bronzed and mounted on Walnut base

                 Pair of well-worn adult shoes

                              Pointe Shoe - Adult Shoes, Bronzed and mounted

                                               Pointe Shoe          

                   Pair of Pointe Shoes - Bronzed and Mounted

                                    Pointe Shoes


                      Cowboy Boots - Bronzed

                                     Cowboy Boots

Combat Boot - Bronzed

                               Combat Boot

                      Pair of Combat Boots - Bronzed

                                             Combat Boots

Bronzed Work Boots

                                 Work Boots

                Firefighter's Boot - Bronzed

                                     Firefighter's Boot

             Pair of Cowboy Boots - Bronzed and mounted on urn

                         Cowboy Boots mounted on Custom Urn

                                                                                                                    Sports and Miscellaneous Items

                             Bronzed football - Sports Items


               Bronzed Baseball and glove - Sports Items

                                      Baseball and glove

                     Bronzed Ice Skate - Mounted on Trophy

                                   Ice skate mounted as trophy

                       Bronzed Skeleton Hand

                                           Plastic skeleton hand

                             Bronzed book


                                     World's Finest Chocolate Bars - Gold Plated

                                           Chocolate bars in Gold

Clasped Hands Cast - Bronzed

                              Clasped Hands

                                      Bronzed Lamp and Shade

                                         Bronzed Replica of the Leg Lamp from

                                                     A Christmas Story

                Bronzed Shell

                                   Scallop Shell

         Bronzed Glove

                                                  Leather Glove