Bronze baby shoes - Bronzed baby shoes make a great memento or bronzed keepsake for both the parent & child. We do baby shoe bronzing and we can mount the shoes in frames. They look great on bookends.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  Is baby shoe bronzing something I can do myself?

    A:  Not likely.  There are other ways to bronze baby shoes, (like painting or dipping), but our process encases the shoe in pure copper.  It is true electroplating.

Q:  Are there other items that I can bronze?

    A:  Yes.  Virtually anything that we can fit into our bronzing tank can be electroplated.  Some things are better and easier to do than others.  It depends on the density and porosity (porousness) of the material.  Organic matter, such as dried plants, do not handle the bronzing process well, and we discourage our customers from sending those items.

Q:  What are the advantages/disadvantages of plating vs. painting?

    A:  The most obvious advantage to painting is that the process is much easier and less time consuming than plating.  The biggest advantage to plating is the quality of the finished product.  This solidly-coated product will last a very long time.  There is no chipping, cracking, discoloring, or other ill effects as there are in the painting or dipping process.

Q:  What is the best way to care for bronzed baby shoes?

    A:  Our finish is everlasting.  A dry, clean, soft rag is all that is needed to keep the shoes clean.

Q:  How soon can I expect to receive my bronzed baby shoes?

    A:  Our baby shoe bronzing has a normal turnaround time of about 6-8 weeks.  It can take a little longer around the holidays.  

Q:  Do you have any styles besides those in your website?

    A:  Yes.  The featured items are our standard pieces, but we have a variety of others.  We can customize the base and the nameplate.  We have a lot of styles and types of bases available.  See our customizing page for more information.