Bronze baby shoes - Bronzed baby shoes make a great memento or bronzed keepsake for both the parent & child. We do baby shoe bronzing and we can mount the shoes in frames. They look great on bookends.

          Baby shoe bronzing, pacifiers, bronze adult shoes, hats, boots, sports items, military itemsMemories in Bronze   

                                   Genuine Baby Shoe Bronzing                                       




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Mounted Shoes Without Frames

Single shoe on oak base    Style 130 - One shoe on wood base  
Bronzed shoes on walnut base    Style 132 - Two shoes on wood base
Bronzed shoes on oak base    Style 135 - Two shoes on wood base
Pewter finish on white marble paperweight    Style 300 - One shoe on marble or onyx base
Gold finish on white onyx base    Style 330 - Two shoes on marble or onyx base